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1.Research projects :
  Project Name
Sequence Time
1. Studies of flexible oxide ferroelectric films such as PZT and their full-inorganic flexible electronics NSFC Foundation Project
PI 2019.01-2022.12
2. Emergent ferroelectric semiconductors and their solar energy prototype devices NSFC Key Project
(No.51790492 )
PI 2018.01-2022.12
3. Multiferroic and semiconductor behavior of BiFeO3 material through the serious distortion of the lattice and control of electic domain

NSFC Foundation Project


4. Flexible perovskite oxide ferroelectric film and its micro devices Nanjing University of Science and Technology ,Key project (No.30916011104) PI 2016.01-2018.12
5. Nano-structured Energy Materials Jiangsu Education Innovation Team Co-PI 2012.01-2016.12
6. The study of manipulating the steady electron transport process through polarization switching in ferroelectric thin films NSFC Key Project
Co-PI 2012.01-2016.12

The study of ferroelectric semiconductors with the coupling between polarization and current

NSFC Foundation Project

PI 2011.01-2013.12
8. Application of high-temperature piezoelectric ceramics between room temperature to 600oC Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu(SBK201123822) PI 2012.01-2014.12

Preparation and electro-optic studies of wide-band gap semiconductors

Nanjing University of Science and Technology ,Key project
(No. ZDJH07)
PI 2010.01-2012.12
10. The study and application of BiFeO3 multiferroic insulators and BiFeO3-δmultiferroic semiconductors
Nanjing University of Science and Technology ,Excellent Project PI 2010.01-2013.12
2.Available experimental apparatus


Pulsed Laser Deposition System

System mainly consists of sputtering vacuum chamber, rotating the target units,anti-oxidation substrate heatingunits, gaswork, exhaust systems,installation of machines,vacuum measurement and electronic control systemcomponents.

For the preparation of superconducting thin films, semiconductor thin films, ferroelectric thin films, hard films.Applicable to all universities, research institutes and scientific research of thin film materials prepared withsmall quantities.


2.Bruke Multimode 8 Atomic Force Microscope

The modes including AFM、PFM、C-AFM、STM、EFM etc.

By appling a AC voltage which is lower than coercive field on the sample surface we can get a piezo signal to export the figures of surface topographies,domains,surface charges etc.


3.Radiant Ferroelectric tester

Testing the ferroelectric properties (P-E curve)of the thin films and ceramics.

4.PV electrical measurement system

Measuring the photoelectrical signal of thin films under the different light intensity.


Testing the dielectric properties , like impedance , capacitance etc. of ceramics.

6.PEM-1020 Electromagnet System
It can be used to measure the magnetic parameters and it can also be used for ferrite magnetic products.
7.CNA-11 series of Helium Compressor System
This system can produce very low temperature (4K), for low temperature properties of semiconductors, ferroelectrics.
8.Tape casting machines
Casting slurry into green sheets . The thinnest of the green sheet can be a few microns.
9.Differential Thermal Analyzer

(DTA, Netzsch STA449C Jupiter)

Rapidly and thoroughly at thermal stability, it can characterize the decomposition behavior, component analysis, phase transition, melting process.

The top loading style system is easy to use, high resolution weighing system and stability is good.

10.Sol-gel System

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