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1. Teaching Courses:
Foundations of Material Physics
48 hours/term
Thin Film Materials & Technology
32 hours/term
Professor seminar-style tutorial 16 hours/term
Semiconductor Materials and Devices 32 hours/term
2. Graduation Design:

Project name

2019 A new ferroelectric semiconductor material and its photovoltaic device Fan Xu
BiScO3-PbTiO3 based high temperature piezoelectric ceramic and its nano precision actuator Yuxi Zou

A perovskite flexible ferroelectric film and its all inorganic flexible electronic devices

Zeming Shen
A flexible ferroelectric semiconductor film and its optical energy prototype device Tianxi Chi
2018 Preparation of flexible flexible PZT ferroelectric film and its piezoelectric properties Danling Fu
Piezoelectric ceramic actuators were prepared by low temperature co-firing technique Rongtian Ma

Study on flexible flexible memory devices

Preparation and piezoelectric properties of bisco3-pbtio3 high temperature piezoelectric ceramics Shuyan Wang
2017 Preparation and characterization of high performance piezoelectric ceramics Han Guo
A flexible curved BaTiO3 thin film and its resistive memory Nana Yang
A piezoelectric stack material and its precision drive device Shuaizhuo Wang
A flexible curved perovskite oxide ferroelectric thin film memory Jingye Li
PMN-PZT multilayer piezoelectric ceramics and its precision drive devices Zhuowei Han
2016 Design and preparation of piezoelectric ceramics and actuators Bin Wang
Study on the photoelectric properties of ferroelectric oxide film Jiayang Wu
Piezoelectric stack materials and their precision drive devices Mengya Zhang
Wearable flexible piezoelectric materials and devices Hao Liang
Modulation of oxide superconductivity and semiconductor transport characteristics by light radiation Zhongshuai Xie

Research and application of piezoelectric ceramic stack

Qiupu Guo
The properties of BiFeO3 multi-iron and semiconductor were investigated by lattice distortion and fine control of electric domains Yuhao Liu

The transparent flexible ferroelectric thin films were prepared and studied

Liushuai Su
Study on piezoelectric thick film microchip Jiao Sun
Preparation and characterization of PZT piezoelectric stacking Ruizheng He
Study on the photoelectric properties and ferroelectric domain evolution of bismuth ferrite film Weidong Gao
2014   6
2013 Preparation and characterization of rare earth doped BiFeO3 ceramics Pengcheng Zhou
Preparation and characterization of bnt-bt piezoelectric ceramics Ji Zhang
The chemical synthesis of graphene Shumin Lu
Preparation and characterization of Zv-Im organic ferroelectric thin films He Ma
Preparation and characterization of TiO2 - based nanometer self - cleaning glass Wei Yuan
2012 High temperature properties of rare earth doped bismuth ferrite ceramics Peng Tian
Study on photoelectric properties of VO2 thin film materials Yulong Zhu
Preparation and properties of Bi - doped BiFeO3 ceramics Yuhong Zou

Study on bismuth ferrite film resistive memory

Wenxiu Gao
Study on ferroelectric properties of bismuth ferrite doped films Guo Li
Preparation and characterization of b-doped bismuth ferrite ceramics Xijun Xu
2011 Preparation and characterization of ferromagnetic oxides Ying Luo
A new generation of secondary lithium battery used in solar energy storage Yunhai Wan
Preparation and characterization of oxide ferroelectric semiconductor films Xueyan Li
Study on the preparation and photoelectric properties of VO2 thin films Hanbin Kong
Preparation and characterization of ZnO semiconductor thin films Jiangpeng Chen
Construction and application of ferroelectric and semiconductor testing instruments Jinchen Sun
Preparation and table of BiFeO3 series ceramic materials Jian Zhong

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